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Welcome to the library where you can find a comprehensive selection of Dendrochronology reports, House Histories and Architectural Building reports. Distribution maps. A Guide to Research. A Glossary of technical terms plus a Glosary of old document terms and meanings. Plus all of  our Newsletters.

The Projects analysis by the Dendrochronology sampling of 100+ buildings throughout the region by the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory has given firm dates for timber felling and made it possible to recognize the sequence in which changes in building styles and  design first appeared.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteer members of the Group, the house histories when coupled with the other reports “Discovering Old Welsh Houses” has amassed,creates an enviable knowledge and database of the dating and architecture  and history and people of old buildings in north west Wales.

The house histories which have been researched and written by a team of volunteers tell us so much more about the varying prosperity of the different parts of the Region over the periods of time. The library has a growing collection of these histories and is constantly updated as more become available. Due to the range of experience of the researchers and the variety of available source material, these house histories vary in their amount of detail.

The 70+ Historic Building Reports add that extra dimension to the project with a selection of Cruck Frame, Timber Frame, Hall house and the Stone built Snowdonia style Houses.

There are also 80+ house histories and a further 30+ work in progress and when the previous work by the Snowdonia project is added, then a formidable and unique archive is the result.



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