These reports have been compiled over a period of many years and vary in format and the level of detail they contain. Research is on-going and reports are regularly being added.  If you are interested in finding out more about a particular house in North Wales that you believe is pre 1700 but not on our website, please do get in touch.

Anglesey Anglesey

Over 170 house histories exploring the lives and experiences of the people who built and lived in the houses, their occupations and changes in the local economy and society over time.  

Over 137 tree ring dating reports provide felling dates for the timbers used in construction and thus help piece together the development of the building.

Over 85 historic building reports with plans, sections and photographs.

Click on a county in the map below to access available reports for houses that we have researched in that county:


Reports by Unitary Authority

NEW * A full list of Dated House By DOWH and others in date order by county with links to the reports

Dated House List-ALL

05 May 2024

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